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Frequently Asked Questions

We couldn’t possibly post all the Q & A’s we get on one page. Here are the regular ones we receive, so please, send us any questions you may have, and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Where do I start my SEO strategy?

Keyword research helps you determine the keywords for which you should optimize the current and future pages of your site. Then using your keyword research results, you then start creating some ‘rich & relevant’ content. If your new small business sells employee scheduling software, but you discover that “employee scheduling tools” has a higher search volume, then obviously you alter your keyword strategy, and therefore your content. There are many tools we employ to help us gauge which keywords are good, and which ones are poor, or of a ‘low-score’ quality.

Which SEO techniques are popular?

There are numerous ways of starting out designing the SEO ‘plan of action’. Content and keywords are obviously a good starting point, but whatever it is your business requires, we will get to the bottom of it on your free consultation. If you wish to proceed with the build, then we can have a sit-down, or a conference call and we will need to find out exactly what will benefit you and your business by doing our own research.

How much is the domain & hosting?

You can purchase domains for as little as $1! Although the rule of thumb is to buy your hosting & domain at the same time, and you’ll get a deal. Hosting fees can vary massively, it all depends if you want a one-page site, or, an online store with 10,000 products and 50,000 visitors a day. Anywhere from $5-10 a month, up to $299 per month for an all-singing, all-dancing private server with 8 CPUs and a gazillion TB in storage! Either way, we highly recommend using A2 hosting, or we can arrange all this for you, and transfer logins, passwords, etc when we finish building your website.

What do I get included in the price I pay?

We get asked this a lot! In a nutshell, whichever package you purchase, you’ll get all the following included.

You get your theme, an SSL certificate for the first year on us, an SEO plugin, we now use RankMath, (and now in 2nd place), Yoast SEO Premium, they both have their own merits, as these plugins aren’t really a 1 glove fits all addon for all websites. Although we are starting to trial Toast SEO, too. If you are looking for a $150,000USD+ per month income, we would recommend using SEM Rush.

We add an image optimizer, optimization plugins, like WP Rocket, and Gonzalez.

Woo Commerce is added, and then you are able to sell your products online via your store.

We can also help you set up payment gateways and online banking payments via mobile phones. Or you can just use PayPal, and Stripe, etc.

We create you, an easy-to-use blog template, so you can add ‘blogs’ about your new products or services, directly from your website dashboard access to share on your social media pages.

Business e-mail is included (up to 5).

Social logins are also added, should you need them. for sign-ups, newsletters, or account logins.


Internal vs. external links, What's the difference?

Internal links are necessary to allow a Google-friendly structure, the kind bots like, or spiders, but offline SEO is also very important so Google deem your website trustworthy and therefore gives you Lion’s share of search results. The inbound & outbound links we create can achieve this, but as a note for the future, there can be negative consequences to following this technique without knowledge of best practices. We can help here and show you ways to stay on the ‘safe’ side of inbound linking, or as some people call it, backlinking.

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